Studio HE (or S /HE for short) is a boutique design studio based in London & Margate-UK, working within the fields of Architectural/Interior Design and Installation/Brand Curation.  The collaborative nature and extensive creative network allow S /HE to develop projects beyond the 'brick and mortar' opening opportunities for innovative Architecture & Interiors as well as Brand Curation (see HE+) and developing your projects - whether private residence or commercial business, beyond your expectations. 

Hubert Green is a London based Architectural Designer and Artist.  He has worked for Zaha Hadid and Michaelis Boyd but has spent most of his time learning the craft of residential design and detail with 3XArchitects (a subtle and discreet studio focusing on design and quality of building).  After graduating from Chelsea College of Art + Design (Spatial + Interior Design), Hubert continued his pursuit of his final year's project of 'Mis-Use' (re-appropriating objects + space for unintended moments) creating hand made 'sketch' furniture toys, utilising the leftover and discarded materials of the art college.  These creations (Sky Rocker | Dancer in the Cart | Portable Story Chair) as well as his short film was exhibited at the final auction/exhibition of artist Graham Hudson's residency at Chelsea College of Art + Design. After over 10 years experience in his respective industry, he set up Studio HE to act as a bridge between his professional and artistic work w/ the aim of creating an intimate studio working closely with clients and partners.

Elin Evans is a London based Stylist and Art Director. For the past 3 years has turned her skills to interiors/interiors architecture, bringing in a refined and muted approach both delicate + craft like. Prior to this Elin spent her time as a stylist/editor assisting for  Vogue (Italy, Spain, Teen, China) The TelegraphNumero & has directed editorial fashion shoots for Stylist magazineHungerCountry & Town HouseLondon magazine, Tirade, Push It etc. As a versatile creative working in the realms of print, digital, video, & film (with Director Charlotte Colbert), Elin has provided Styling / Art Direction and Props for companies/poeple such as Artist/Director - Charlotte Colbert, Virgin Media, Fossil, Ford, Sainsbury's. Growing up being inspired by the rural landscapes of Wales, UK and the innovative imagery that would cover her early passion for Vogue magazines, she became inspired by textures and colours paired with a minimal restraint in a surreal environment.  She has an eye for sensuous and exciting visuals and delivers within a textural realm

Concept Design + Consultation | Planning + Building Control | Full Design Package (Concept-Site Completion)                                             | Project Management | Art Direction + Brand Curation

*We love collaboration(s) and we love to help. 

Don't be afraid to get in touch no matter how large or small of an idea or project you have.