Studio HE (or S /HE for short) is a boutique design studio based in London & Margate-UK, working within the fields of Architectural/Interior Design and Installation/Brand Curation.  The collaborative nature and extensive creative network allow S /HE to develop projects beyond the 'brick and mortar' opening opportunities for innovative Architecture & Interiors as well as Brand Curation (see HE+) and developing your projects - whether private residence or commercial business, beyond your expectations. 

Studio HE (or S /HE for short) was founded in 2015 by London-Margate(UK) based Architectural Designer and Artist Hubert Green & London based Stylist and Art Director Elin Evans.  Hubert has worked for Zaha Hadid and Michaelis Boyd whilst Elin was/is a freelance stylist/art director for ElinEvans, also working w/ institutions like The Telegraph UK & fashion editor of ‘Shortlist Media’s NeverUnderDressed’. 

After over 10 years in experience in their respective industry, Studio HE was set up to act as a bridge between the professional and artistic work w/ the aim of creating an intimate studio working closely with clients and partners.

In its current capacity, it is being lead by Founder & Director Hubert Green. The studio offers bespoke / custom services with the intent of delivering exceptional projects that are not just aesthetic & well finished projects but intelligent in program & use. The studio is also now building up their creative/artistic arm with the idea of delivering exceptional projects that cross installation/art/product/communications/sculpture.

Concept Design + Consultation | Planning + Building Control | Full Design Package (Concept-Site Completion)                                             | Project Management | Art Direction + Brand Curation

*We love collaboration(s) and we love to help. 

Don't be afraid to get in touch no matter how large or small of an idea or project you have.